De Beers and Dominion indicate desire to expand exploration in Canada

‘De Beers and Dominion Diamond Mines have submitted paperwork indicating their desire to expand exploration at their current projects in Canada.

In a December 31 permit request to Canada’s Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board, De Beers noted interest in exploring 11 new targets at the Gahcho Kué mine by the end of February. Of the 11 locations, three are currently ready for drilling, while De Beers plans to perform geophysical studies on the remaining eight. The project, which will be split into two phases, will cost approximately $2.9 million.

Dominion submitted a request to the board on December 24, seeking permission to increase exploration in the land around Glowworm Lake, east of its Ekati mine.

The miner has asked to perform drilling and trenching at the area, enabling it to retrieve 1,200 tonnes of bulk-sample material per year. It also sought permission to expand its ice-road construction to the area, if the exploration proves fruitful. The ice road allows the company to haul supplies to the remote area through the winter months.

Dominion has asked the board for a five-year exploration license, with an option to renew it for an additional two years.’

Source – Rapaport