The company’s primary business is the development and commercial exploitation of a diversified portfolio of five alluvial diamond projects located in South Africa.​

The diamonds from these deposits are of exceptional size and quality and have been derived from the many diamond bearing kimberlites which lie within the current and ancient watersheds of these drainages and can be very profitable to mine with the right geological knowledge, mining, processing and recovery techniques and could deliver diamonds of up to 300ct.

Immediate key focus area is the company’s exploration programs designed to prove, confirm and improve current resource estimates. ​

Our long term strategy is two-fold: to build a portfolio of cash flow positive, producing mines, combined with the ‘blue sky’ of high quality exploration assets; and to share profitability in the downstream of the diamond value chain (“from source to finger”, “from earth to elegance“) which is estimated to be significantly greater than at a mine gate.​