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A story of the first ever diamond discovered in South Africa

August 20, 2018

The 21ct diamond that would later come to be known as the Eureka Diamond was discovered by a young boy and his little sister as they played in their family farm In Kimberley region. The children often picked up rocks from the river to play with. A man named Schalk van Niekerk visited the farm and, suspecting the rock that once was picked up by them might be a diamond, offered to buy it from the children. Their mother decided to give it away to him instead. Van Niekerk got the diamond verified and sold it for £ 500. The diamond made its way to Great Britain where it was displayed until 1967.
The discovery of the Eureka diamond, the first diamond found in South Africa, sparked interest in mining diamonds in Kimberley and soon many more diamonds were found there.
The Eureka diamond is now displayed at the Kimberly Museum after De Beers bought it and brought it back to South Africa.
Today, South Africa and its neighbour countries produce 60 million carats a year, which amounts to 55% of world diamond production.

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